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PM Narendra Modi on two-day Gujarat visit, to address African Development Bank meet

PM Narendra Modi on two-day Gujarat visit, to address African Development Bank meet

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will begin his two-day visit to Gujarat on Monday, where he is to attend the annual general meeting of the African Development Bank in Gandhinagar. It will also inaugurate development projects in the state. Later in the day, Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone for several projects at the port of Kandla in the Kutch district and will address a public event near Gandhidham.
“Tomorrow, a tour of Gujarat will begin two days, during which they will join the program in Kutch and Gandhinagar,” said the prime minister. “I will inaugurate and lay the cornerstone for various projects at the port of Kandla and attend a public meeting in Gandhidham,” the prime minister said Sunday.
“In Bhachau, a pumping station would be inaugurated and I will be attending a public meeting. Tuesday I will be in Gandhinagar to attend the opening ceremony of the ADB group meetings,” he added.
The prime minister also said he would meet with the delegates at the annual general meeting. PM Modi, who also served as Gujarat CM, is visiting the state for the third time after taking office. Assembly elections should also be held in Gujarat later this year and Modi should actively campaign for the BJP in their home country.
Prior to his visit, the agitation Chief Patel Hardik Patel, and 50 of his supporters have shaved their heads in protest. “It is a sign of protest against the atrocities committed by the police in the community Patidar, Dalits and others,” said Hardik a meeting of people in the village of Lathidad to Botad, Bhavnagar.
PM Gujarat had last visited in April and covered mainly the southern regions of the state. Chairman of the Congressional Committee of Gujarat Pradesh Bharatsinh Solanki, took a swindle Sunday and said that frequent state visits to the state was a political constraint to strengthen the weak leadership of the BJP state. “

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