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Photos: Two halves of monster 42-ft whale wash ashore at Mumbai’s Juhu and Aksa beaches

Photos: Two halves of monster 42-ft whale wash ashore at Mumbai’s Juhu and Aksa beaches

The body of a 13-meter whale (about 42 feet) was allowed to land on two parts of Juhu Bombay Madh beach and Sunday and Monday morning. Although part of the casing measured about six meters, the other was about seven meters.
Curator Forest Assistant (ACF) Makrand Ghodke, Department of Mangrove Forest Forest, said: “Yesterday, part of the caries in the whale teeth admitted six meters of land in Juhu and parts measuring seven meters of beach Aksa land today (Monday ) The body pieces were decaying and, after obtaining the necessary samples, the two corpses were buried in both places.

April 24, 2015, there were 5 olive dead turtles. The sea turtles have been washed on the beach in Palm Beach, near Manori.
On May 10, 2015, there was a beef spy found dead nearby. Palm Beach, close to the beach in Manori.
On June 1, 2015, there was a huge humpback whale lava plaza on Palm Beach Beach, near Manori Beach.
In June 2015, a blue whale died near the coast near Revadanda Alibag in Raigad.
On November 2, 2015, there was an Indo-Pacific dolphin rear of the earth hump near Palm Beach, near the beach in Manori.
January 6, 2016 a baby pilot Whale breeding was found dead at Palm Beach near Manori.
January 2016 – a 40-foot whale had landed on Juhu Beach on land.
On February 29, 2016, Spinner Dolphin Square was found stranded ashore near Palm Beach, near the beach in Manori.
On March 1 again, a carcass of dolphins swept by the waves, the dolphin was identified as the Indo-Pacific back of the dolphin chepa near the Gorai beach.
In March 2016, a dead dolphin was found 10 feet near Bhuigaon Beach in Vasai.
On April 21, 2016, the corpse of a young Indo-Pacific dolphin was captured on Prixi Beach.
May 9, 2016, a corpse of an Indo-Pacific back dolphin was stranded Dana Pani (Aksa Beach).
May 9, 2016, a corpse of a sea turtle Olive Ridley was found on Juhu Beach the same day.
September 17, 2016, a square female dolphin humbback Indo Pacific is located in Palm Beach Manori.
The reasons for whales
Scientists agree that individual strandings are often caused by isolated incidents, such as illness, injury or old age, but other factors include:
1. Seismic activity on the seabed, because of earthquakes or volcanoes under water, can cause whales to move to the coast in distress
2. Whales swim against the waves to fish trap schools. When the tide goes further, they can be washed on the shore
3. The attack of the most ferocious carnivores of the deep sea, as the whale sharks can force when swimming to the shore
4. Boat propellers often cause injuries to whales, which are then transported to shore by waves
5. They rely on their sonar built for communication and underwater navigation, but noise pollution at sea could interfere with their sense
6. A strong plastic presence in the sea could suffocate mammals. This is the reason for the death of 45 whales in Tuticorin recently
7. Whales often travel in pods or groups, but do not know if the leader fails
8. Temperature fluctuations due to climate change can confuse a whale or force it to explore new waters for food
9. One study suggested that trend whales hurt deliberately, but this has never been proven

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