Get ready for the ‘Great American Eclipse’

Get ready for the ‘Great American Eclipse’

Scenario Worst Scenario: You do not have the proper vision equipment so that you can not look at it and the end of the world.

Best of all: they learn a bit of awesome workings of the universe and have a lot of fun with a great human event.

Tens of thousands of people have already made plans to do so in North America.
This includes the periphery in places like Pittsburgh, where the moon step will be able to block up to 81 percent of the sun, but also along the “screen path”, so the moon appears briefly Drive the sun .

In this line, from Oregon to South Carolina, the shadow of the moon will emit approximately 70 miles wide strikes the west coast of the Earth at 1:18 pm daytime, it rushes through the countries from 1,500 to 3,000 miles Per hour, and leaves the coast at 14:47 EDT. Yes, the whole phenomenon will last only 1 and a half hours on earth.

But from the seats in the first row, if you will, inside this road for 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the daylight will turn into darkness. Birds wonder if it’s bedtime. Humans atmospheric sun wonder is called “crown” and post comments on Facebook and Twitter with # eclipse2017.

The last visible total solar eclipse on the continental United States was from the pre-social media – in 1979 – and the last to be visible from one ocean to another was in 1918, which was a pre- Reliable for what a researcher has painted.

This is going to be great. Scientists are everywhere. The epic sites of the American Astronomical Society and NASA, to name but two – and eclipse.aas.org eclipse2017.nasa.gov – covers almost every aspect of “The Experience,” the way people get I thought the eclipses had Amageddon or other damage to the way they are actually not so rare and are quite predictable.

For everyone, from scientists to rocket librarians, this is a time of learning, and they work with everything from live streaming videos to viewers cereal boxes.

Marketers are also the only website that has marked the “Great American Eclipse”. People do not only sell certified eclipse glasses (ordinary sunglasses are not adequately protected) and solar binoculars and other equipment you need to see the eclipse without ruining your retinas, but also all of the shirts souvenirs wine “umbra” as well Travel packages and lodging, parties and festivals and a wonderful variety of other eclipsed events.

The ASA and NASA sites rank dozens of activities and events, and offer tips and tricks.

While some small towns in the area all concerned with the crowds of crowds and traffic that day offices and closed government and schools, most embrace heroism.

Proud to be the biggest eclipse point, or the global focus, Hopkinsville, Ky., Is called Eclipseville and inviting everyone to come and enjoy the southern hospitality of its 32,000 inhabitants.

They are expecting up to 100,000 visitors from around the world (including the director of the Vatican Observatory, Brother Guy Consolmagno) to enable officials to strengthen their ranks of law enforcement (State Police and National Guard) and their service Mobile telephony with temporary services Tours. Right in this place, is expected to economic impact to reach 30 million.

The few US cities along the trail also make hay. For the Greater Nashville Conventions and Visitors Corp. Playlist Created Eclipse, including Bill Withers’ No, Not Christmas’ and ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler (‘There was once a light in my life …. “You’re welcome.)

In Charleston, C.C., the Gibbes Museum of Art offers its garden, with complementary vision goggles, for an observation rally called “Total Eclipse of Art.”

The RiverDogs open early at the baseball stadium for a “science day and baseball.” You can also see from a warship (the United States Yorktown); A yacht (with products that receive sexual violence charity called darkness to light); And the beach, where you can “be one of the last people in the United States” to see it. Or, depending on your point of view, do not see – the sun, this is the case.

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