Celtics’ signing of Hayward signals that Boston is ready to win now

Celtics’ signing of Hayward signals that Boston is ready to win now

 SALT LAKE CITY – When news came Tuesday afternoon that Gordon Hayward planned to sign with the Boston Celtics, Isaiah Thomas’s wife, Kayla, has posted a video on his story Instagram of Thomas dancing shirtlessly in his kitchen with the “Big” rings For future and Drake at full blast.

Thomas is probably the lowest-paid NBA player. One season after completing the top five of MVP’s voting and winning a spot in the second All-NBA team, his salary will drop only $ 6.3 million this season.

And even though he may put pressure on Boston to use his space this summer to accelerate his imminent roof landed Thomas begged Celtic president of basketball operations Danny Ainge to use this money to look for the kind of talent that Boston could help carry containment Of the title.

At an Eastern Conference where much of the star’s talent is affluée west, the Celtics have won the biggest prize in the free agent market – at least one of the players who were not is not a great resume their current teams . Like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

The arrival of Hayward could help the Celtics narrow the gap between Boston and Cleveland on the top of the East. And Thomas certainly could not be happier with the firm.

“The type of player we need to reach the final,” said Thomas Adrian Wojnarowski ESPN, suggesting that not too softly Boston now has the kind of talent that will make it more competitive against the average Dog.

Thomas added: “I’m very happy and looking forward to working.”

Oh, you go next door? I want to come with me? / Look at the smile on me

The arrival of Hayward will force the Celtics to change their list a bit in order to finance the four-year contract and $ 128 million that light. Boston began the process Tuesday night by canceling its offer of qualifying center Kelly Olynyk, who does not extend low an unrestricted free agent.

Boston will likely waive its rights to a number of former wrestlers such as independent agents Jonas Jerebko and Gerald Green (players who could always follow cheap deals), give up unsecured Jordan Mickey wages and give up or partially guaranteed exchange contract guarantees Demetrius Jackson.

The most difficult decision is manifested by the displacement of at least one player key rotation to fully create the maximum space of the cap. The Celtics will take into account the commercial market Avery Bradley (free agent after this season), Marcus Smart (restricted next summer) and Jae Crowder (always a lover market, but could increase their commercial value).

Crowder may seem strange, especially if he is considered to play the same role as Hayward and does not particularly like it when fans applauded Hayward in Boston last season. However, Crowder was vital to Boston’s success and should not simply be moved to reduce salary. Stevens can understand how to operate everywhere.

In addition, Boston has a young heart to complete its intriguing new core star Thomas Hayward and Al Horford. The Celtics have # 3 each of the last two swinging airs Jaylen Brown (whose role has been elevated to the post-season of 2017) and Jayson Tatum (whose potential could help him score qualifying minutes at the start of his Career in the NBA).

Ainge still has a multitude of preliminary choices available, including the Brooklyn Nets 2018 bachelor’s choice and potentially the first-round pick of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018

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